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Friday 9 October 2015
Ministerial Decision about Antaser in Guinea
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Notice to all carriers, ship owners, ship charterers, shipping lines, shipping line agencies, ship charterers and consignees
NOTICE No. NSC/LN-CTN/2015/001

This Notice is issued pursuant to the appointment of Nigerian Shippers’ Council as:

i. The Economic Regulator for the Nigerian Ports; and
ii. The implementing Agency for the International Cargo Tracking Note Scheme.

In order to execute the national plan for the implementation of the Advance Cargo Declaration (ACD) scheme on Regulation and Facilitation of International Trade as well as to ensure the safety and security of cargo, ships and port installations the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has authorized Nigerian Shippers’ Council to implement the International Cargo Tracking Note (ICTN) otherwise known as the Advanced Cargo Declaration (ACD) on all Ports that are open to international traffic.

This global information system relates to carriage of all goods and transactions on carriage by sea.
Towards this end:
1. With effect from 17th August 2015 all vessels loading and unloading or in transit (Export/Import and Transit) departing from Nigerian Ports or having Nigerian Ports as final destination or transiting through Nigerian ports shall, before any movement, obtain a Movement Reference Number (MRN) from Nigerian Shippers’ Council irrespective of the origin of the vessel or cargoes.
2. All Cargoes destined for or departing from Nigerian Ports (Import/Export/Transit) shall obtain from Nigerian Shippers’ Council an Entry Summary Number (ENS) in case of import to Nigeria or an Exit Summary Number (EXS) in case of Export departing from Nigeria). The ENS or EXS must show on the Bill of Lading and final manifest of the vessel.


1. The shipper of the cargo is the person responsible for the declaration procedure in advance with information relating to the cargo. The procedure must ensure that the said declaration is correctly made.

2. In the case of a Chartered vessel, the Advanced Cargo Declaration (ACD) shall be completed by the Charterer who issues the Bill of Lading and not by the vessel owner.

3. The Advanced Cargo Declaration procedures are an integral part of formalities required by the authorities of the Nigerian Government with respect to processing of Cargoes. Consequently, each Bill of Lading shall correspond to a number, either Entry or Exit Summary Number (ENS/EXS). The procedure should be completed on the web platform www.acd.gov.ng
4. The total compliance of the procedure for each vessel is confirmed by the ACD clearance required by the Ports Authorities before the issuance of Final Clearance by the Ports Harbour Masters.

5. Non compliance with the requirements of the ACD subjects the offender to a penalty prescribed by the Nigerian Shippers’ Council.

6. Messrs Transport and Port Management System (TPMS) Nigeria Limited have been appointed by the Federal Government as the Sole Representative of Nigerian Shippers’ Council in implementing the ICTN Scheme. It is therefore, the only company authorized to proceed with the validation of cargo declarations in advance and the allocation of ENS, EXS and MRN, on behalf of Nigerian Shippers’ Council.
Additional information as well as a guide on complying with the procedure is at your disposal on the internet site www.acd.gov.ng

Dated This Thursday, 30th Day of July, 2015


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